No matter what you do... It never seems to be enough.

Have you ever try to win someone's love by doing so many things for them... yet, it never seems to be enough for them to be interested in you at least a bit?

I have been trying for months now. Flirt, text, trying to look beautiful for him, buying him things, being funny, being there for him, nice, sweet, etc...

Though I rarely show how I feel(pain) that he isn't showing interest, (I'm always positive for him), Deep down I'm feeling useless and beat down. don't know what to do no more.

I know its not meant to be and all, but still hurts.

Anyone ever felt this way? Has anyone actually win the person's heart? I wanna know. If not, Tell me what you did to get over it.


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  • Yep I guess we all have

    perhaps you heard some stories about a man who is in love and is presenting her with all these gifts to win her hearth


    Now you have the guy who does a lot for her, fixing her bed fixing her car painting her house etc.

    Now she likes that and she knows he cares about her but doesn't want to lose him as a friend

    You are probably the guy in those stories, friend zoned

    He knows you care about him and he doesn't wanna lose that so he keeps you as a friend.. You know we guys can get annoyed from that behavior pretty much.. Your trying too hard.. And you need to pipe down with the attention overflow if you want a chance with this guy


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  • I have never done this


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  • Been there and done that and it sucks. Funny thing is when I started backing off the person and basically ignoring them, they come crawling back to me. But I made them work hard to get me again and I learned my lesson with giving too much. Sometimes people will just take advantage of your kindness. I'd say step back and just occupy yourself with other things in your life.

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