What to do to get myself back out there?

I have not even ask medical a girl for along time. Because of my. Break up the year on v day what do I do to get back out there I ask lots a girls for advice at school they don't. Help me I tried task g girl out but they don't seem to like Fluffy Guy


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  • Don't seem desperate seem confident. Because girls know when someone is desperate before they even say anything but their body language. Confidence is sexy but don't do it overboard or you will seem cocky which girls don't find attractive. Get to know a girl before you ask her out be friends with her for awhile find her dislikes and likes and ask her bout herself because girls LOVE talking and bring up what she had mentioned in your conversations in the future. It will be cute and she will be surprised how much you listened. Cause I know a lot of my friends who ALWAYS complain their boyfriends never listen to what they are talking bout.


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