Should I invite him to my new place?

Well I've known this guy forever (we've liked each other but never dated almost became friends with benefits but I backed out) we had a fight and didn't talk for a year well now we are texting but we Haven't hung out because we've been busy well I'm moving to a new place next week and I was thinking a/b inviting him over to hang out what's the best way to ask w/o him thinking I'm trying to seduce him lol


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  • When you are hanging out with a guy for the first time, it is a

    pretty bad idea to invite them home (that early on).

    Usually the person may get the wrong impression.

    I think that should come a few-several dates later.

    If you want to save money (which it sounds like you sort of do),

    why not just ask him to go to the beach with you?

    or do something cheap like meet up for coffee?

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