Why has he gone quiet with me?

Ive been seeing this guy, and we connect so much its unreal, we have so much in common and I can be myself with him, I'm really confident around him and we get on so well. He is going traveling in September and has told me he really likes me but he can't be with me because of him going away and not knowing when he will be back, that it wouldn't be fair making me wait, and if we got together he would be constantly worrying about me rather than enjoying his travels. We still been seeing each other, I wanna be with this guy so much, I've never felt such a strong a connection with someone in my life. we have brilliant time when were together. he's told me he really likes me so I just don't no what to do, however this past week he's gone quiet on me, he usually calls me every night but its like once maybe twice a week atm. I don't no what do do please give me advice


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  • Unfortunately there's not much you can do if he doesn't want to try a long distance relationship, which is understandable because it's very difficult to maintain and stay truly connected. If you really want to attempt it, talk with him about it.

    As for why he's gone quiet, maybe he's slowing down the contact before he eventually leaves, just a guess though since he could also be busy. Have you tried calling him too?

    • yeh I think it must be this. he's told me he really likes me so the reason of him going quiet I assume is so he doesn't get deep into his feelings? its hard because were so right for each other. just seems its wrong timing. He works a lot as he's a farmer, so I never really no when to call wich is why I usally let him call me. I don't no what else I can do. other than hope he see's

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