What would you think if a mutual friend asked you if you would take back an ex?

what would you answer be? What would you think if a mutual friend asked you if you would take back an ex?

I have a boyfriend right at the moment so the answer has to be no out of respect for my bf.

one of his friends asked me, but he had broken up with me, and the reason he had stated was him having no time for himself yet also that he had gone further with another girl.this other girl, he moved in with. I believe that to be pretty serious and they probably had sex already. so would I take him back? I am leaning towards no. I did not want to be mean so I said 'I don't know, I'm pretty much engaged to my bf'

even if my ex proposed that he will change & say he'd never hurt me again, has he not betrayed my trust already?

I'm much happier with my boyfriend because he respects me & loves me, I can tell. What would you think if a mutual friend asked you if you would take back an ex? What's your situation. I want to know. I do care that my ex makes healthy choices, but if I take him back, it feels like a 2nd chance for him to stab my heart.


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  • U definitely shud say no. I have seen this happen b4 and the mutual friend is a median for your exs thoughts. He realized Letting you go was a mistake but as you said its too late, don't care about hurting his feelings because he didn't care about urs

    • mhmm. thank you wesdaman21. I do realize that's what he is realizing. thanks fo ryour answer.

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  • It seems that you still hanker after this ex-bf, otherwise the answer is clearly NO, no way. If you want him back, then discuss the matter with him, ask what he is looking for, and then decide whether you think he is the right one for you. But you must also consider your present boyfriend. It seems as if you are unsure. Perhaps YOU need to sit back and think of what you want from your relationships. If you cannot decide, then try to make more relationships until you are clear. Some day, someone may sweep you off your feet and then you will be sure.

    • <3 OK cool. I think you might just like misunderstand my point. I said 'i don't know' to not be mean. but us girls, say that, to not be mean. in essense it's no. 'im currently with who I believe is my future husband. so no I can't go back. I was just curious if anyone has been in my situation. cute pic btw.

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