I need guys' opinions on a text I sent to guy I was dating?

OK, I really need opinions here. For two months I was talking to wonderful man. We met online. OK. We are both going through divorces. His is a little more complicated (child out of state). The past month, things started speeding up with us. He went on vacation with a friend and the whole week was contacting me saying he missed me, was sending me pics of vaca, I was surprised he wanted to chat so much while away but was flattered and happy to hear from him. The week he got back everything still was proceeding nicely...even more contact, hanging out...all great. Then all of a sudden last week...it slowed down a lot. I thought OK maybe he a bit freaked out so play it cool. And I was. Then this past weekend I hardly heard from him (he was at work but he used to always text me and stuff while at work, so I thought it was a little odd). But I left it alone. Monday...nothing...not one text. Tuesday...I text him a "hey" and later that night he writes back a few texts, but that's it. Wednesday I write him a quick hello and asked if he was OK Because I heard about some work thing that was going on at his job (we are fb friends)...said I hoped he was ok...he never responded, but posted on fb and stuff so obv he was fine. Anyway, so I figured you know what, this must be the famous "fadeaway" I've heard about before ugh lol. I don't want to be someone who loses it like some people tend to do, but I wanted to write something. But I think he is nice guy who is just busy and stressed and maybe guilty about fading off, so I wrote him a nice text saying "bye" -- wrote how I was so happy to have met him and had a blast and that while I feel a little bad that he just decided to trail off that I wished him well and didn't regret any of the time I spent with him...that I was glad I fell for him and said good luck to him. I sent that late last night...haven't heard back from him. We're still fb friends...haven't checked his page don't feel the need to. Question is...would you respect a girl for saying stuff like I did? I did it in a nice, easygoing way and wanted to just acknowledge that while it was my impression he was backing off that I was glad I spent time with him and wished him well. That I may be disappointed Because I thought he was great but no hard feelings. But I am sad for sure...if you still were into a girl and just having a bad week and you read that would you maybe contact her again? Because my guy friends said it was really nice non confrontational text but that it also showed I wasn't sitting around for someone who may not contact me again. Or do you think I will prob never hear from him again? I'm real confused because we were doing fantastic and got along like crazy -- totally same sense of humor, etc. I'm sure it's not another girl...he got off the dating site Because he wasn't interested in staying on. Thx for any advice I can get!


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  • Well, I do think its another girl, but I don't know enough. He's recently divorced, and so are you, plus with online dating you are both in play so much it only makes sense. I prefer someone clarifies what's what, I just did it this morning. It leaves the door open for the future. When people just fade out, I think its rude. Especially when its new, its just more respectful. The right move for sure

    • thanks for your opinion. you could be right but I would be surprised as he had just said last week when we talked that he wasn't interested in anyone else...but maybe I guess you never know someone ugh. I will admit I checked his fb page for new "girl" friends lol, but he had none on there. but I know I can't do that anymore...just so surprised...he seemed to pull back after our last date which went mindblowingly well (which we both said)...so timing was weird too. kinda really bummed out...

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    • ok :( -- thx for the feedback

    • btw you were right...he was having affair with his best friend's wife...lovely.

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