If you were my boyfriend....

... And I'm normally outgoing ,silly, who is sort of a "suck it up" kinda girl, and have recently lost six pounds (I have gained some back but I was 88 at lowest. I'm small tho, 5ft flat) and been unemotional except sad, how would you feel? I told my boyfriend after hidin t for two months (and three years before in other cases) about my severe depression and how I'm a "cutter" and he didn't seem to care that much. I felt betrayed since I have never had any emotional support. I left my home and we now live far apart and he never calls. He's a busy guy and told me he isn't a sensitive guy. I was wondering another boys perspective of this situation. Thank you!


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  • Here is my perspective.

    If I was your boyfriend, I would have did all I can to make you happy. I would have setup a relationship counseling and went with you. Basically go out of my way to keep the relationship healthy.

    Since you are "suck it up" kind of girl, that would be my type of girl. Because I like to lead, and if you were a argument/fighter type, we would not workout.

    I am not a sensitive man, but it doesn't mean I am not loving and affectionate. There is a difference. I have nerves of steel for bull sh*t, bad things and other negativity. But when it comes to my significant other, I'm all about love and romance.

    People have forgotten that daily reassurances is the definition of effort in a relationship.

    Even if some lines are repetitive, id like to hear "I love you" and get annoyed by it, rather than not hear that phrase at all.

  • I can be dense, but once you told me, I would be there. No point in a relationship if we can't help, or find help.

    I need to be told, sometimes almost hit, hints don't always work, but if we are together, I want you, whole and all of you and would do what I could to help, make it happen if I can.

    Part of love is understanding, helping...get better, be well...


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