I am gonna do it! Any advice?

I have been debating on this so long. Worried about risking the friendship but I can't take it anymore. I am gonna ask him "out" on his birthday. I have to. Even though I am preparing for the worst. I can only assume if I ask properly and kindly, he will not be scared off and we can still talk in the future. I need to work on my courage, I am normally completely OK around him. I am free to be me and I always lose track of time etc. but when it comes to big things, I get scared. So... his birthday is a bit over a week. I am not intending to be creepy, in fact, he already knows I plan to stop by and visit him and he is OK with it. I just wanna ask him if he would like to go get some ice cream, my treat or if he would like to go walk the dogs with me. I know he adores my dogs. However that plan is dependent on weather. Anyway... don't just say "ask him straight up" I know that, but how to ask him and still be kind about it, not come off as needy or annoying... ? What is the best way to get the courage to do this, to tell that little evil voice in my head, to shut up? I am a confident person in nearly every thing, however, I have 0 experience in the dating world and some of that makes me nervous. In the past I have lost friends for being too "Annoying" but I never intend to, I just have their best interest at heart.

Also... if he says no... which he may but he has said he has no plans... what is the best response to that so I don't sound like a pissed of person or something? Any help is welcome, thanks!


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  • I would do it one on one rather than in front of people at a party. That way it won't put him on the spot to answer. When one on one just do what you were going to ask if you like to go on a date to grab some icecream with you or walk with the dogs. If he says yes then YAY! if he says he doesn't feel that way ask if he'd still like to go as friends. It will immediately move you past the awkward barrier, and allow you to continue to be buddies. Just try not to be awkward if you go as just friends if you are awkward he will be if you aren't he will relax and it wil be like normal.

    good luck! you can do it!

    • Thanks, good advice and we will be alone. I am stopping by his house to visit, so its just us at that point :)

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