If he only wants to be my friend why it is so important to him to see me in person?

Meet this guy online, a friend of a friend, he ads a bunch of girls on his fb so I am not special because he added me, but we end up chatting and he likes to chat with me, he said he only wants to be friends that he isn't attracted by me because I look like his ex...but he wants to meet me so bad, he wants me to go to his city or come to mine, I don't get it, I mean if its just a friendship we could easily handle it online am I wrong?


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  • There are two possibilities in my opinion. The first of which I am also involved in since I am also talking to a friend of a friend.

    People look for a connection, or bond. Something to let them know they matter. Whereas some people can be satisfied with minor communication such as online chatting, I, along with others, cannot. I find if I don't meet a person, in person, at some point after talking to them I feel a lack of a connection and just drop it and no longer talk to them, regardless of how fun it was talking to them. I, personally require meeting people for forming and maintaining a friendship due to my preference of talking in person with people. Some people need to interact in person to even consider holding on to a friendship, other wise it may feel like it's just another replaceable, unneeded acquaintanceship that can be thrown away at any moment... and that's rather depressing.

    The second possibility is, he's lying about not being attracted to you. "...he isn't attracted by me because I look like his ex," do you see the flaw in that logic? He would (or should) have been attracted to his ex, right? He could either be connecting how you look with that past relationship or he simply is attracted to you.

    Either way, I don't think there is a problem with meeting him if you think you know him well enough, but it's up to you.

    • its not a problem in meeting him, I mean if he wants to come here because I won't spend my money to meet him...it must be the first option I guess but I am sure he would kiss me if he had a chance and I think I would be hurt in this situation

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