He always treats me differently when we're with our classmates. So what do you think about this guy?

Well, I sort of... Went into a complicated "relationship" with this guy and I only find out that he almost always lied to me. Like the one time I asked him whether he still loves his ex or not, and all he said that he's in love with another. And when I asked our friends they said that he often talks about his ex, so it's possible that he might still love her. And he's saying bad stuffs about me in front of my friends *which he later denied, and instead, he asked me who had been sincere with me all the time, that he's the nice guy*, well, I kind of had a bad relationships with my classmates, seeing as I am the geek and the outcast of the class, he's the newbie and he kind of become this secret 'hero' that defends me all the time (or so he said he did), so I believed him that time. But now that everything's good with me and my classmates again, and I finally asked them what's going on the whole time with him, my classmates said That he's talking about me behind my back, saying how desperate I am, and that he never even think about me or even answering my texts. Everyone's saying that. I also feel that he always treats me differently when we're with our classmates. So what do you think about this guy? I don't know what to think of him anymore.


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  • Oh, darling. You really shouldn't be putting up with that. I can't imagine what's going through his head to behave that way but its clear if he talks so much about his ex and doesn't focus on you then his hearts not in it. Do you find yourself vying for his attention? He may find it needy and insecure which is always a turn off. I'd say this ones a right off my lovely.

    • Yes :( but he always said that 'I never really love him' or 'his presence doesn't have any kind of effects for me at all' every time I'm saying that I wanna move on. And I just checked on his ex, and that girl's been so down ever since he's 'with me', she's still hoping for his love but he kept his distance from her. Yes, I always tried to pry his attention. But every time I ignore him because I'm tired, he'll always try to 'coax' me to talk to him again, gosh, I don't know what to do with him :'(

    • He sounds very controlling and it seems on some level that he likes the attention from both you and his ex. Was there's much time between splitting up with his ex and getting together with yourself? It sounds like he needs time to let go of her and move on but you shouldn't be being used in the mean time. It is very complicated and that never ends well.