Should a girl be off limits if her heart is still with another guy?

The girl I'm speaking of moved to a different town than her boyfriend, I met her when she visited here and none of us live I'm the same state. She's a Facebook friend of mind and I want to talk to her so bad but then I keep seeing old photos of her and her boyfriend and comments of how much they still love each other and I don't want to interfere. I fell in love with her in person, she never mentioned a boyfriend, she often likes my fb status but I can't find it in me to start a conversation

Pretty much any type of relationship will do I've been single my whole life and "my type" is so rare to come by, these kind of girls just don't come around too often


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  • but you said "boyfriend," is she actually in a relationship with someone else?

    the thing about it is that maybe she does have feelings for this other guy but just the fact that she is your type, maybe you should give it a shot! it won't hurt

  • so is she actually in a relationship with him? if not, I say give it a try. when I still had feelings for my ex, this guy approached me, and I eventually fall for him too (NOT a rebound but I actually fell for him). chat her up and see her responce :)


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