What does it mean if you were in a Russian bar and when you come back you text a girl a msg?

what does t if a guy that we are best friends and he went to a Russian bar he told me that he is going Because I like him so t pissed me off he told me to text him bt I dd even bother him while he was there so when he came back and was preparing him self to sleep he sent me nitey baby at late night ... when I replied he was so caring asking why you still awake are you OK ...what's wrong and so on ... what does it mean is he really into me or this is just the way you guys act


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  • It means he wants you to know that he will go to a Russian bar whenever he wants and contact you when he's back.

    It means he might be not really serious about this or perhaps isn't satisfied about this because he goes to russian bars to pick up girls or whatever, am not sure if a russian bar means a strip club or do they like get together and meet up afterward for ''business''.. I don't mind my man going to strip clubs at all because id rather know than him doing it behind my back..

    But going a russian bar to meet up girls and then text me good night baby that's just bullsh*t.