How to respond to "Get the f*** out! I don't have patience for you" text?

Basically we have been dating. There were ups and downs. She got angry for messaging me her sister about how is she (my so), since I was unable to reach my so. Then she has send me message that she is angry for messaging her sister. And then told me to get f*** out. My response was "Whatever you say to me I am always going to think about your well being. Stay calm."

Was this a good response?


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  • Sweet I guess.

    I personally would have told her something along the lines of "If that's how you treat people who care about your well being then you deserve a sh*tty life, number deleted, go f*** yourself!". And then would have proceeded to block said number and go do something to calm down.

    But then again I don't always have the best reactions ^^. It would have pissed me off pretty bad though.