Did I say the wrong thing? Did it just come out wrong?

The other day I was hanging out with my boyfriend, and we were talking. Then one of his friends comes over and starts talking to us. His friend points out that the bracelet I made him is really loose and could come off, but my boyfriend said he's not going to take it off anyways. His friend said to me that it means he's always thinking about me because he's always wearing the bracelet. I said "He gave me this bracelet and I haven't taken it off since he gave it to me," So my question is, did I just say that I don't think about him, or that I do? I think it came out wrong. I know I'm over reacting to this, but can you please give me my answer?


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  • I agree with the girl below me :P As I'm reading it you said you valued the bracelet and it's connection to your boyfriend as well. Of course I didn't hear your intonation or anything, but to me there doesn't seem to be a problem. If someone has picked it up the wrong way and it becomes a problem, which I strongly doubt, you can always adjust it. Not a big deal, as you said :)

  • I took it that you meant you think about him all the time too.