Why is requited love SO important?

I still talk to my ex. I know we're not going to get back together, but I know I won't stop talking to him until he stops talking to me. Anyway, I've come to realize that I am crazed for him to respond to my every text, because I need to know he cares. I care about him, so I need to know he cares about me.

This is bigger than just my situation. It extends to everyone - boyfriends, girlfriends, family, friends. Anyone we care for. So my question for you is philosophical (NOT about my personal situation): why is requited love SO important? Why can we not be content to love from afar? Why can't we be content to be loved by some but not by all?


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  • I don't know who the 'we' you are referring to? I am content with loving from afar because it is not about me. If you find yourself able to connect to all people on a soul level, then you find yourself eschewing the control, the validation, and all the other aspects of unsavory relationship traits.

    Refuse to let the relationship control you. Rather, rise above the relationship, and see if it follows.


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