Which kind of guy/girl are you most into/drawn to?

Any one of these guys/girls can be really hot. This question is more about their image not their face and/or body, etc. But rather the way they are as a person. Give us some additional insight on your type.

  • Clean Cut - Pretty Boy(or Girl equivalent) - Preppy
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  • Dirty - Not literally, but their image
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  • Awkward - Maybe Kind of Nerdy
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  • Loud and Spontaneous - Obviously into Having Fun
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  • Other - Explain Please
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I look for someone who, is honest, open, quick to smile, kind, understanding, doesn't scrub the toilet with my toothbrush, tell the neighbors I'm impotent, french kiss the dog, fill my briefcase with condoms, or...poop on the lawn! I'm still looking!

    • Schweeeet ... I'll keep an eye for someone like that and let yu know! =) lol

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    • I don't think your standards seem that high. Not at all a shot at you, more a reference to the fact that what your asking for isn't something that should be so hard to get from people. Finding a woman that doesn't scrub the toilet with your toothbrush, french kiss the dog, etc may be the hard part. HAHA But truly it's sad that these days the first mentioned standards can be so hard to find.

    • Yeah, and it's a double-edged sword as well. In order to get these things I must, of course, offer them in return. I think I do well in all of these areas, as I do make an effort. Now, if I could just train myself to stop pooping on the lawn, I'd be in clover. lol. Be well.

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What Guys Said 3

  • awkward nerdy girls. they just seem like they have so much to offer someone that they're saving for the right person, and when they finally decide who that person is they'll be the luckiest guy on earth.

  • A little awkward.

    It makes me feel less awkward to see that she is awkward too. While the super hot girls are, well...hot, they look so perfect that I get scared off.

    • "It's the hots ones that's is always crazies" - Toki Wartooth, Guitarist for Dethklok/ Metalocaplypse

  • Im drawn to someone who doesn't read Harry Potter books, a woman who likes breakfast foods as much as I do and who doesn't have a head full of baggage and victimized stories about past relationships. A woman who can tell me 5 things I don't already know about Che Guevara. Someone who will play guitar Hero with me and has no problems with my discreet filthy obsession with NASCAR. A woman who understands that long hair and heavy metal go together like LEGO's. I don't know what this woman will look like and I don't really care. Oh, and she will not be a laundry or car stereo nazi - yaaay! - j

    • Haha, laudry and stereo nazi, that's funny

    • Dude it's true. Chick sall have this nazi gestappo seperate your laundry thing......and they love to get all Saddam Hussein about the stereo as well.

    • I watch Harry Potter movies, but I don't read the books, love breakfast foods (they are my fave), I have no idea who Che Guevara is, I don't like guitar Hero, but I LOVE NASCAR, I am a bit of a metal head (so I get it), not a nazi over the stereo, but can be about laundry (more so like, I won't touch yours if you don't touch mine). HAHA just thought I'd compare myself to your requirements for fun. Don't hate me for the things that aren't your type. hehe

What Girls Said 6

  • Laid back and easy going

  • I voted B (but I wouldn't use the term "dirty" :P)

    I like more offbeat guys who just do what they want. Indie guys. They can be awkward, loud/spontaneous, etc. too. But they're generally not pretty boys.

  • I've dated almost all those kinds of guys and so far the most respectful out of all of them is this 'nerd' guy I like. Like everything is too perfect and I'm happy with it right now.

    I don't think there is any perfect type and I don't have a list of what they have to be. If they mesh with me, then they just do.

    • That's cool, I agree. The only kind I'm really not ever drawn to is the clean cut pretty boy preppy kind. I've fallen for one and it was a post breakup thing. But they are generally not my type. I need some other sort of charisma.

    • Yeah. Well I never thought I'd like the nerdy type (he self proclaimed that when I met him). Also when I saw him I was like "ohhhhhhhh he has dreads...ohhhhh no. Nu uh nope." Yes skinny tall white dude with dreads. Hehe. but I really like him. so it goes to show we can even surprise ourselves. :)

    • That is very true!!

  • Smart, funny, confident, caring, a little easy-going, not too shy, cute, dedicated and passionate about everything he does, private with the physical stuff, and a good friend.

  • Cool, laidback, funny, wears sweats. sporty, doesn't play by the rules

  • Pretty much a little bit of A, B, C, and D. By themselves is too extreme for me. He needs a good balance.

    BUT, if I HAD to choose between the four... it would be D. It's important that he's easy going, someone you can have a lot of fun and laughs with. Otherwise, the relationship is just boring.