What do girls like to talk about with a random guy?

Say if you just met them from a park or somewhere outside what or how can I start a conversation with her.


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  • Um normal stuff I am not going to talk about deep stuff with a random guy I just met at a park. I will probably ask what he is up to, if he goes to that park a lot. By the way he is dresed I will ask questions like oh do you work out a lot or whatever. If you wanna talk to the girl just go up to her say something funny and then introduce yourself like Blah Blah funny comment hi my name is Blah how are you today and go from there. You will be able to tell if she wants to engage in the conversation or not. If not just politely leave saying well have a nice day, and move on to someone else you will find a girl who will be interested

  • I like talking about what interests us both.

    Me personally, NeedForSpreed. (The ones I've played)


    Me: Hey, I bet I could beat your Lambo with my Corvette.

    Guy: Oh yeah? Let's bet. I win- you give me a kiss.

    Me: Cool, I win you give me ... *blush* umm .. yeah.

    There's my 2 cents. x D


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