She has a boyfriend, but hasn't mentioned him.

So I'm at my friend's party and I start talking to this girl...I know she has a boyfriend, but wasn't entirely sure...So she sits next to me we talk for a little I put my arm around her, we hold hands and we pretty much just sit like this for a couple hours talking to everyone around us and each other. Before she leaves I ask for her number but she seems reluctant to give it to me (doesn't really say no) so I ask if she has a boyfriend and she says yes (she didn't mention him before I asked)...I feel a little disappointed so I leave it at that, but she adds me on Facebook so I give it one more shot to ask her out, but I get shot down (again, she doesn't really say no) and we continue the conversation. Am I just being led on? I mean if she wasn't interested and was in a relationship why not just say so? Pretty sure my intentions are clear.


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  • I don't know why you went up to her and did all those things in the party if you knew she had a boyfriend. You want her to cheat on her boyfriend or what? What do you expect? She is just messing around with you. She doesn't want to be with you, Just fun.

    You should just get over it.

    She has a boyfriend. If you are able to break them up and she goes with you, She will just end up doing the same thing to you as she did with her boyfriend (find another guy and flirt with him)

    I don't see the point on this question. I think you already figured it out once you were typing it.

    She is just having fun with you, and doesn't want anything serious.

    • Well at the party I wasn't entirely sure if she had a boyfriend and because she sat next to me and let me flirt with her and put my arm around her without any resistance I just assumed she didn't have one and I tried again because I just decided "f*** it" I wasn't really looking for anything serious anyways...but I guess you are right she is just messing with me so I'll back off.

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  • Well she's probably not super commited to her boyfriend, but is committed enough to not do anything with a another guy.

  • My question for you is, if you knew she was in a relationship from the start why the hell would you even bother pursuing her? Do you want her to cheat on het boyfriend with you or break up with him for you? Because news flash buddy, if she can do it to another guy she can do it to you. But the fact that you know she has a boyfriend and still want to get with her is just wrong.

  • she either is unsure herself...maybe she isn't so into him but doesn't want to cheat on him

    maybe she only likes you as a friend

    or maybe she is one of those girls who has a hard time saying no

    or maybe she is an insecure girl who likes male attention


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