Should I text him or not?

So my boyfriend and my sister were teasing each oher. My sister posted something on Facebook saying "she knows everything." Then, a family friend got into it and pretty much threatened him, and her and my boyfriend ended up fighting. We talked about it, and he wasn't that happy with what my sister said because we both thought she knew things like with us.

So he was hurt and told me he wanted to be left alone for a little bit. I respected his space and turned to my sister, who I made text him and tell him that she didn't really know anything, she was just kidding, which was true. At the same time, he started talking to my best friend and she's been texting him through this time he's wanted space from me.

Today, he posted on Facebook that everyone makes mistakes and it's okay and everything. To top that off with my friend telling me he's been happy and everything, and his later status saying some people have a special place in his heart and he loves them, I'm wondering if they were partially about me (he's made statuses about me before).

My friend thinks I should text him, should I? Or should I wait until he finally texts me?


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  • I also know everything. Bwhahah! You've been caught! Caught doing... umm... what is it you were doing?

    Talk about the dangers of a guilty conscience. Or of social networking sites.

    Here is an idea: make the relationship more private. You don't want to text him in case someone else picks up his phone, right? Why don't you two go out and talk about it or something?

    • He's normally very busy. The last time we actually got to see each other was three weeks ago. We had plans on Tuesday but he had to cancel because he had family things and he said he was trying really hard to keep his schedule open just for me so we could go out.

      Our relationship is private, not too many people know about it because it's not exactly official. We want to get our lives together first since we're still young. (I'm 18, he's 20)

    • From a certain point of view, "getting your lives together" is exactly what you are doing. Depending how you view success, progression in many dimensions may be necessary, including the relational one. Foregoing that or delaying it can have unwanted consequences (another post in itself).

      Just throwing that out there to offer the alternative viewpoint; I do not recommend a specific course of action. Only you two know your situation the most, so do what you are both comfortable with :)

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  • I think you should text him as well.

    • Really? What makes you think so? Sorry, I was just wondering :)

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