Is it time to let this go? Advice on what to do please?

Tomorrow it's going to be a week since I replied to this message that a guy sent me (I initiated contact though). I saw that he read it the next day, but still hasn't replied.

I'm kind of bummed but not really anymore, because at least I tried you know? But he seemed enthusiastic to talk to me, it's just hard to tell online really. Why wouldn't he reply? Maybe my response was too long or weird but it didn't seem that way. Time to let it go?

  • Yes, he hasn't replied in so long. Obviously not interested!
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  • No, message him again. Maybe he forgot.
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Thanks for the answers guys. But, it's been one week?! He's been online. If he really wanted to talk I think he would have at least said something back no matter how short...


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  • I voted B but only to see the results. My answer is really neither A nor B.

    Basically, it could be that he's not interested, or it could be just that he didn't feel like replying to the message. I recommend just sending him another saying "hello?" and seeing if he replies. If he doesn't, then he's not interested and you can move on. If he replies, cool.

    • He likes pink floyd, I say his is your answer. Plus he used "neither" and "nor", correctly, at that.

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    • That's cute , OK I'll do that :D

    • K cool. Don't get too worried about it though. He's just a guy, and it sounds like you don't even know him very well at all. So really, whether or not he's interested shouldn't matter to you that much.

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  • I think it's possible he forgot. I myself have a weird sleep schedule and forget about messages and stuff because sometimes ill like, wake up in the middle of the night and stuff and read them all and forget about them when I go back to bed from being so tired still. so sometimes that's what happens to me. And like the other dude said, there's really no harm in sending him another message :D

    good luck ;)


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  • yeah let go.