Girl was incredibly warm in the beginning then grew cold?

There was this girl I met who I really instantly clicked with, but some problems happened. We were in the same history class, and since the first day, I always thought she was looking at me. I would also look back, and she would look away. I was my typical self and was too scared to make an approach. One day I sit down next to her randomly and she starts getting very nervous. We get into a conversation about the class together till class started. I did not talk to her for another few weeks. I took a test and got done at about the same time she did. We left through the same route and just happened to start talking about the test. I started feeling confident about asking for her number, so I asked for it, and it was a success. We set up a date and we went out to dinner together. We started talking about the basics and we both began to hit it off really well in the beginning. At the restraunt the two of us began to open up and talk about our lives. We talked about our childhoods and the rough times in our childhoods. She told me about how much she loved her sister and how much she meant to her. We also shared together our sets of values which were very similar. There was this strange bond between us, but I still was too afraid to do anything like even hold her hand. I ask for a second date and she says yes, but we do not know when we were going to do it because she had a lot of work to do at her grandmother’s store (her grandmother was out of town and taking place for her) for the next few weeks she did not even show up to class. I knew it was probably her job, but still, I was nervous that she may have been trying to avoid me. I still sat in the chair next to the chair she typically sits in. Finally one day, on a test day, she came in and gives me the warmest, deepest smile I had seen in my life. It made me just, feel great. Her blush lit up her entire face intensely. The entire time sitting next to each other we didn’t say one word but there was this incredibly loving, warm vibration between us. She quickly finished her test and nervously hurried out of the room. I tried to catch up with her, but she was gone too quick. Feeling bad, my mood turned around when I saw that right after leaving, she sent me a text message and we had a conversation. We finally set up a second date as a hike through this trail in the woods I knew. The day came, and I was waiting for her. She was running late, and me, being an a**hole, was a bit nervous and called her a few times to see where she was. She arrived, and I had found that she was in a hurry the whole time, telling me she nearly got into an accident to get here. We continue on the date, and find that the trail is closed because it was flooded. We decide to walk through a Sculpture park instead. There we kept talking and she had mentioned to me she was supposed to be hanging out with another guy, but chose me over him to be with instead. Continuing the date, she kept bumping into me and trying to get close to

me, in retrospect, I see it as her trying to get close to me so I could hold her hand. I failed still. I was too afraid to do anything. After that, she got very cold. Wouldn’t answer my messages, nothing. We had this intense attracting in the beginning like nothing I had ever experienced in my life, but because I was nervous, I think I may have made her think I didn’t like her in the end. Recently, I have been thinking about her, and want to recontact her, but am afraid to. Should I try?


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  • Yes. Explain to her that you were nervous. If you don't contact her, it will just keep bothering you.


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