Asking a guy if he is dating someone and he replied by another question?

I really like this guy , nearly I see he has update his status like " I'm so happy " ... and I notice one girl often write about him , nearly .

So I made a quick text for him ask if He's dating someone . But not in my prediction , he soon replied a very nonsense question " Why do you ask me so ?" , and I was mute , don't know what to answer him

I don't know why he asked me such a tough question like that , is he discomfort about my question . Am I too curious ?


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  • theres a couple of possibilities

    1) he thinks its absurd that you're poking into his business

    2) he's simply just curious of your sudden question. (your question might have seemed sort of random to him)

    it could really be anything. id reply saying j(ust curious :)) something like that lol

  • he probably is