Why would he do that?

I had a guy friend that I asked out for dinner for a pretty special occasion (for me - my birthday). Things had not been going well between us lately, we had been fighting and things had been off, so I thought it might be a good way to catch up and maybe get on better footing. The problem is, he said he would go out to dinner with me for my birthday and then he never bothered to respond/confirm plans. When I got upset over this (after asking calmly what happened and letting him know I was disappointed) and then got angry and more angry when he wouldn't bother to let me know what was going on, he blew up at me and we had a huge fight. He got what he wanted, we aren't friends anymore. But why go through those lengths? Why not just say no to dinner and be done with it? To me, this was way more hurtful than saying no he didn't want to go.


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  • He's lazy, immature, and insensitive to your feelings.

    It's impossible for anyone to say what his intentions were, but all that's certain is that he handled the whole things terribly. I feel for you, because being disappointed on your birthday is an awful feeling.

    Maybe it's best the friendship is over, or at least taking a break. You need friends that are better able to communicate with you.


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