I want her back but I want her to chase me, what can I do?

My ex of 2.6 years we've been broken up for a month or so, she said all these things before she broke up with me "idk if I want a relationship" "i felt distant" "i don't want you know more" so hearing all that I said okay and moved on. So 2 weeks go by me and a close female friend started getting attached started hanging out more, my ex later found out and instanly wanted to become friends again. So I tried that "knowning it wouldn't work" so I cut my ex off again then lately my ex has came out the blue texting me first she was like "come and get your stuff I don't want it, but let me know when your coming so I want be here" so I said I don't want it give it away and she said "no" then I noticed she tried to keep the convo going so I talked to her for a little then stopped, then the next day she texted me when she woked up and said "i had a dream about you". Lately me and the girl I was talking to fell off and I really want to work things out with my ex but I don't know how. I felt our break up was due to summer days she was busy hanging with her friends and wasn't really feeling a relationship there was a period where we didn't talk for like 3 weeks. What can I do to win her back over


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  • Your title and your final question are a little confusing.

    "I want her back but I want her to chase me..." then you say "What can I do to win her back over."

    Are you asking then, how can I win her back and make her chase me? That is doable, but that is a complicated feat that needs to be planned out and executed. In other words...serious mind games.

    Either you want her back or you don't, but the issue I see here is that your ex is a basket case. I'm sure there's a way you could win her back per say, but keeping her is probably going to be the issue.

    Sometimes we have a hard time letting go of the "idea" of a person, even though they prove time and time again that they won't give you what you seek. My mother always said, when someone tells you something the first time...believe them. When she broke it off, she said everything she meant.

    I suggest you find love from someone who is willing to reciprocate rather than pine over one that doesn't even know what she wants. Free your heart up so that when the opportunity for true love arises, you have the room for it.

    I wish you luck in love.

    • i want her back the reason I feel she left is because 1) I always brought up past mistakes and she always got mad but I never thought it would get like this. 2) she had hinted she would like space because I couldn't stay out the past. This same senrio happen last year but last year I was clingy when she wanted space but this year I've learned and I think I'm the reason she left and I really have thought about it I do want her back

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