Tips for first date with this girl?

Not been on many dates and I wouldn't mind some tips.

I'm quite an awkward person and often can't find my words when in difficult situations.

Some tips on what I should say and where we could go would be nice.



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  • An important thing to remember when going on dates is: don't lose sight of the point of the date, which is to find out what the other person is like, what she's about, and if you could have some kind of connection with her that goes beyond that first meeting. Don't overthink this, it's actually simple. Sometimes, guys lose sight of this objective, and get derailed. For example, they might go to a place they love and give a girl a tour, and talk so much about that place that they haven't factored their date in at all and asked her about herself or what she'd like to see, etc. Or, if you are nervous, some guys will just start talking about themselves non-stop and not incorporate the other person. Your biggest tip should be to stay focused and keep your energy on your date. Don't define yourself as awkward or judge yourself, that won't help and it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. One of the most basic social rules in general, friendships or dating, is that "people are interested in people who are interested in them". Show interest in another person when you are interacting. Don't just give "yes" or "no" answers when asked something, elaborate, and reciprocate questions and conversation. The conversation should be two sided and smooth. Likewise, if you have a date that is talking too much about herself, add your own experiences to what she's saying and involve yourself in the conversation, too. If you are nervous going into the date, break the ice by giving her a compliment. For example, if you walk in and she's beautiful, complement something on her, either something physical (within reason) or something she is wearing, etc. That will make her feel more at ease with you in the beginning and allow you to loosen up, too.


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  • Well on my parents first date he took her to a like secluded place and cooked her a picnic :D

    Or you could take her to a theater.

    Or out to eat at a nice resteraunt.

    Or even to your own place! Clean it up then cook some food. Make sure everything (including the house) smells nice. Oh and make sure your bathroom is clean.

    (smelly/dirty bathrooms are a turn off)

    NO SEX ON FIRST DATE! That's totally not classy. And classifies you as a non keeper.

    If you know the girl likes and such I would suggest picnic. Then your place to eat for a 2nd or 3rd date.

    The theater is more of a place to go and have fun together instead of something romantic... Unless it's a romantic movie... Good luck!

  • somewhere casual like coffee or something light to eat and then you can take a walk, easy way to talk and get to know each other without too much pressure.


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