How do you people act in this type of situation?

How are you supposed to act when some one shows interest in you? What do you people do? (both guys and girls)

I am starting to realize that the reason guys don't approach me is because I don't show interest.

I see guys checking me out alot, I think. But they don't talk to me. They give me this look that I just can't explain. Like gazing into my eyes or something but I look away because I get so nervous.

Last time I went to eat with my sister and her friends and this cute nerdy guy kept looking at me. I felt weird though because I was eating. I don't like to be stared at. Especially when I'm eating. But he just tilted his head and gave me that look I described above. I think he was interested. Right? Or am I imagining things? I don't know but I got nervous so I just looked down and stopped eating. I just drank my tea.

And this guy in my class does the same thing. He tilts his head and looks at me alot.

Idk those are juat some examples but it happens alot.

How are you supposed to act? And what is supposed to happen? I'm confused.


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  • if someone is attracted to me and stares at me in the same situation you're in, I usually run home, hide in my closet and pray to God I never have to talk to them cause I know ill get nervous. I've been told I'm kind of weird though so maybe don't follow my advice

    • Haha no I'm the same way. I'm kind of weird too.

      I would rather not talk to them either. Its too stressful for me and ill get so nervous. D: I just look down and won't look back. Haha I think my eyes get all big and panicky too. Haha

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  • First off are you attractive? Than yes they want you. Nerdy guys are too shy and classmates can be difficult. Classmates you have to see until your finished or out of school if its a bad relationship both of you will have to deal with it. As for others you have free-will for a reason the choices are yours. If they do not have the balls to show actual interest in you, you will find someone who does later.

    • Well idk. I think I'm decent looking. People always tell me I'm cute. But I don't think I'm hot or anything. And I don't dress slutty or revealing.

      Well the guys who actually come and talk to me are those lame guys who only want to get into girls' pants. And I don't like those type of guys.

      I prefer the shy guys. But I feel like I don't know how to let them know I'm interested.

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