Does my boyfriend not like that I have so many "problems"?

My boyfriend and I had a great couple of days and then I went home and had to deal with a lot of stress and anxiety. So, when I finally talked to him today I told him all about it and I feel kind of bad that I am dumping all this stuff on him when he and I had a great couple of days.

Do you think he thinks less of me because I have more "problems" than the average person? *And I say 'more' problems because I am dealing with a lot of stuff and no one I know had to go through it. Not saying others don't, but no one really talks about it like I do.



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  • its one thing for you to complain/nag about stuff and something entirely different if you're having a bad day and you confide in your boyfriend about it. everyone has stuff that they go through and its nice having someone you can go to for help/advice or just to have someone to listen. I'm sure he at least appreciates that you are comfortable talking to him about it and I've often heard that guys are problem solvers so he may want to try to help you. I don't know what you're going through or how you are conveying it across to him, but I wouldn't worry too much.

    you could always ask him if it bothers him or something.


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  • He may get tired of hearing you nag and complain all the time, but so long as its not constant and you actually show interest in his life, and do things other then complaina bout yours you should be fine. Just make sure to make the time you spend together good, and not filled with you venting about your issues, we al have our own battles that we need to go through.

    this doesn't mean that if you are having a spectacualrly aweful day to not talk about it, of course you can. It is just saying that you have to realize being around someone complaining continuously is miserable and exhausting so make sure to enjoy your time too.

    • I definitely do that it's just that he asked me why I didn't call him back last night and that was because all of the stress/anxiety I was put under from coming back home. So, do you think he thinks I'm weird for that?

    • no not at all. you are a OK :D

  • Who likes problems?


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  • if he is really the guy for you, he should b there for you when you wanna talk about your problems. I hav a tendency to complain a lot about things going on in my life to my boyfriend but he understands because he knows that I don't like to talk to jst anybody about my problems. he is kind of honored that he's the one I trust with my problems and he's always been there for me. I wouldn't really worry about it because he sounds like he cares about you and I think that he will not think of you any less. he may have his fair share of problems too. I think that sharing your problems can also bring your relationship to a deeper level becuase he feels as though you can trust him with your problems. hope this made sense! best wishes:)