What should I do about this issue?

Okay so there is this boy at my church that like for awhile now he recently told me that he used to like me but I was way to young back then but he never said anything about now we have known each other for about 7 years we go to the same church his father is the pastor any way when we were younger he used to be all nice and sweet to me we where like best friend at this time he was 10 and I was 8 but as the years went along we grew apart he went with his guy friends and me with my girlfriends then around the time I was 11 and he was 13 we were just nasty to each other name calling and everything all of us just didn't like each other and that's how it was until recently now we are all just starting to be friends but him and his friends always keep to themselves and it's kind of hard to talk to them but there are some times where we have great convos but I don't even have his number to talk to him now I think is a nice person and I want to get to know him but due to the postion I'm in and me being shy I don't think that can happen.

Please give me some advice on how to go about this thanks!

Ps he is 16 now and I'm 14


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  • He seems like he's changed a lot but you never know his real intentions keep your distance since he is older.