Would like to get an advice about a girl please :)

here's my story, I met this girl when she was dating a guy, well her relation wasn't going pretty well, and we kept talking me and her through messages on phones and went very good I managed to get her into my, thing is, she even almost said it I like u.. but since she had a boyfriend I preferred to wait, and since her relationship with him wasn't going well either though they'd break up pretty soon, and indeed they did, after a while that she broke up with him, we starting talking again and got close and I even asked on a couple of date but she was busy at that time, anyways 2 days ago she was having dinner with her friends she told me to pass by, I did and I saw her met her friends as well, everything went well, afterward at night we texted each other everything was great, and since that day she became cold, kind of, it's like one day she's talking to me the other she's not, or I don't know I even asked her once what you doin she replyed with I'm busy.. sorry for all those details, but kinda wondering what should I do ignore her I mean move on, or just give her some time and get back to her like talking and asking her out on a date..


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  • Thing is the girl thinks she has you already so she'll come back to you after some time (normally lol) anyways try to brush her off and let her feel it because she maybe thinks you're being a tad annoying... Don't worry about it she'll come back to you if she notices you're not gonna let yourself be mistreated by her ! Or maybe she's just PMS-ing Lol!

    hope that was helpful :)

    • i guess your right, she just texted me lol, but I'm just wondering should I be a bit cold with her, or I don't know I wana make a move on her, but she is kinda shy just wondering what you recommend me to do, it's not my first time dating a girl haha, it's not that I don't have experience with girls either, dated a lot of girls, but never been in such a position and never liked a girl before I started dating her. :)

    • i mean if I show her a bit of emotions would it be wrong, cause it's been a lot of time we're talking and I don't wana stay like that flirting and barely seeing her I wana get a move on her, I mean start dating

    • Just be Funny and sweet like you're taking it slow but give her occasions to let her take the conversation to a flirt and then you do the flirting too ;)

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  • If you like her, you should wait. But don't be overbearing and text her every single day. Wait for her to come back to you. I had a guy say this to me too, "we used to talk over text so much but now we really don't anymore.." BUT HE ALSO SAID, "I kinda get it though because now we're seeing each other more face to face." I mean sometimes, if she's busy she's ACTUALLY busy.. don't overread too much. Give it some time.

    • haha, your right if a girl says she's busy, INDEED she is busy, but kinda annoying when a guy asks a girl what are you doing and gets a reply : " KINDA BUSY"

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  • let uncle prophecy teach you a few golden rules when it comes to women;

    #1 never ever text a women if you're not in a serious relationship with her

    #2 never ever talk over phone with a women if you're not in a serious relationship with her except when you're asking her on a date

    #3 never ever talk with a women more than a few minutes in person if you're not dating her/ in a serious relationship with her

    #4 if a woman is interested in you she will always have time for you if not forget about her

    #5 if a women acts hot one time but cold another you don't really wanna waste your time with her

    #6 if a women invites you to hang out with her friends before you're dating her/ in a serious relationship with her you don't really wanna waste your time with her

    these rules are basic rules when it comes to dating women. and just look how many of them were broken. ALL. your situation is a complete disaster.

    remember these rules and respect them. always. no exceptions.