Why does he keep saying stuff like this? ...

So my boss is a HUGE jerk and has an attitude when he talks to me and everyone else in the store. But every time he describes how I look he mentions things like looking like a model. For instance, I was tying my shoelaces and I bent down and he says "are you done being a model?" or like today he says "you look much better today, you look modelesque like" ... yesterday I had a migraine and he knew I did, so I looked like crap and this morning he says I look much better today, more like modelseque.. does that mean he's being nice or he's just saying that for the fun of it? He always compliments my hair and my face...plus I never wear makeup to work except blush.

So what's his damn deal?!?!?!


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  • You already established he's a jerk, which means he's power tripping because he's both insecure, immature, and has no clue about leadership. Unless your job is, in fact, modeling - or something else where your appearance is a central aspect of your job, he has NO business commenting on your appearance.

    He is NOT being professional about it, but neither, in my opinion, has he crossed the line into outright sexual harassment. That said, his behavior is clearly making you feel singled out and uncomfortably so. He is in the process of creating a hostile work environment, which is illegal.

    If you just smile and shrug and go along with it for fear of losing your job AND he doesn't escalate by getting more sexual or suggestive in his attention, then there's little you can do - speaking purely practically. If he does get bolder you will need to put a stop to it by telling him clearly his comments are inappropriate and unwelcome. If that doesn't work then you may be on your way to a real confrontation and legal processes.

    MOST IMPORTANTLY: DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT. Start keeping a diary and write down what he says, when he says it, where he says it, and how it made you feel. Also note any witnesses. If he escalates, you tell him to stop, he doesn't... then take your diary to HR and make a complaint.

    This may all sound like I'm trying to blow your situation way out of proportion, but I'm not. If what he was doing didn't raise yellow flags for you, you wouldn't have asked the question in the first place. I say follow your instinct and DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT.


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  • he likes you but is being professional about it so he doesn't seem like he is on the inside. he being indirect towards you

  • He knows he can behave like a punk and get away with it.

  • He likes you, wtf is this not blatantly obvious?


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