So how should I take this statement from her?

So me and this girl never saw eye to eye for some reason. We did get along but most of the time we would argue, playfully, but it was still arguing all the time. Recently, we were by ourselves for a couple hours and I guess we didn't feel like arguing that day and we just started our surprise it was great and had a lot of fun and since then we have stopped arguing and just having fun, we still tease each othet but we have a blast. Yesterday we were talking and were close to an argument and she said "lets not argue, it has been great" so we stopped.

Since we didn't see each other for a couple of days I asked her "so you didn't miss arguing with me", she smiled and said "no, I didn't miss that" which kind of made me think she didn't miss the arguing but maybe missed just talking? She is a shy girl and I'm having trouble decoding her.

Does this mean she likes talking to me? She literally smiles the whole time we are talking, so I wonder if maybe there's something elsr here


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  • I would say that her constantly smiling upon talking to you means she likes talking to you. But I would be careful in assuming it means more then just a friendship especially if you both just started having conversations that don't involve arguing. At the same time she may like you more then that and arguing was her way to get your attention.

    • Yeah, I guess we have always been friends. We did argue a lot but it was those playful arguments where we always tried to outsmart each other. It was fun but it got tiring because we did it all the time. Now its different because we just talk and we see each other for who we really are and not just a person who argues. We kept the smartass comments and playful jabs and now we seem more like regular friends, but the fact that we look at each other a lot and smile nonstop makes me wonder.

    • Ok well that makes sense, I myself have that relationship with my guy friends. Which isn't going to help any cause it can be either way interested or friendly. Sorry and the best of luck. :)

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