What should I make of this situation?

I was certain thus girl really liked me. She would touch my arm a lot and tease me a little, play with her hair when talking to me and sometimes stand real close to me. Sometimes she wouldn't give me eye contact so I thought she was getting shy. I'd be walking near her and I'd look over, she'd be looking at me and then look away quickly. Well I asked her out once and she seemed hesitant so we didn't do anything. But then later she told me she really wanted to go. So I thought she's just shy or something.

Well I get approached by her sister and she tells me that she likes my roommate. And to keep it a secret. What the hell? Did I honestly misinterpret all those signals or is this some weird immature game they're playing to see how ill react? I was certain she really liked me but I'm not too sure anymore.


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  • She's either playing you or she really only sees you as a friend and is flirty in nature! I know I'm naturally flirty and every guy I either tease or lightly touch when talking automatically think I'm into them, but it isn't! It's just my personality, that could be exactly the same in your situation with her. So you need to ask her outright.

    • touching people is your personality? lol you can never make that sound good telling someone that.

    • touching on the arm, silly hahah it's just automatic.. I don't even see it as flirting! but they obviously analyse it so much they think it does! and many girls are like that haha

    • no not really. I can understand giving hello and goodbye hugs to people but beyond that idk.

  • that's really weird. I don't know why she would agree to go out with you if she likes your roommate. if I were you I would think she was interested too. I would ask her if she likes you just so you can get a clear answer


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