Suspicious behavior that a guy is living with a woman?

i am worried a guy I met and started talking to is either married or living with a woman. what are some signs that he is...certain behaviors or things he may hide or whatever? I don't want to get involved with someone else's trash.

be more specific if possible?


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  • Taking phone calls where you can't hear him.

    Always saying he had to go by the store after he left your place.

    Having a schedule where he had to be somewhere all the time, but couldn't really be pinned down as to why.

    Having an invisible friend. Some guy he's going to hang out with all the time but you never ever see.

    Never allowing you to come to his place.

    And here's a link to Dr Phil's article on it. bwuahaha. Sorry, can't say his name without doing that. link

    But even a broke clock is right twice a day.


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  • Dear, you need to tell us how he's behaving. We can't just guess how we behave in certain situations. We'll have a better idea if we know his actions / behavior.

  • If he acts really shady all the time and never answers his calls

  • If he acts suspicious, if he never answers his phone, if he text back way later or if he never gives you straight answers


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