What do you think? Should I tell him?

I met a guy at school (college) last semester. Our hanging out mainly consisted of talking about life and what we believe is right/wrong, morals, etc. We had some really good talks. There was one time I went with him off campus for a few hours around town.

Then summer came and he knew I'd be gone next semester and he decided we needed to see each other before I took off outside the country. I realized over summer that I liked him. I drove (a few hours) to his house and we hung out for the weekend.

When I was there he told me he thinks of me as a sister. Even though he threw me a curve ball, I went with it and respected him. I still like him though. I feel like we can talk about really anything and I'm fairly comfortable around him. I'm a hugger and he is also, which I find kinda rare in guys these days.

Also, while we were driving around he was being silly and I think even a bit flirty. . (but then again, I'm a girl and I read too much into everything.) He would make silly faces and look over at me. Although I thought it was really cute, I was trying to hide the fact that I like him.

I kinda feel like I should tell him that I find him very attractive. (He is a very open person, so I feel I owe it to him to be honest.) If it's not mutual, then I'm worried our friendship will be weird.

Let me clarify what I mean by "I like him"--I get butterflies in my stomach when I'm around him. I've never had this happen around other guys.

I'm 20, never had a boyfriend, or even been on a date. I was talking to my sister-in-law and she says I need to tell guys when I like them. I don't know how!

Thoughts on this situation?



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  • I like this scenario. I've had a lot of friends in similar situations as well as myself. Now, he sounds like I was at one point, open and you already know he's comfortable around you- so what I suggest is TELL him, I have 'sisters'/friends that I really do care about, but at the same time I can be flirty with them, (if that doesn't sound weird). If one of them told me they liked me I would consider taking the friendship to a newer level. But these are the risk I would consider:

    1.) I am risking my relationship with a friend that I ALWAYS have fun with to make it into a boyfriend/girlfriend and what if we mess up, and never talk again?

    2.) I see her so much as a friend it might be awkward in a committed relationship.

    So my advice to you is wait to tell him BUT show him that you guys could be in a relationship, some guys like the confusion between "does she like me? Or doesn't she?" But don't come off as Monday your his best friend, then Tuesday you joke how he couldn't "handle" you, keep it consistent, then if their is a attractiveness their he'll start asking you about feelings, and then you can open up, but if he doesn't- then you won't get as hurt because you won't feel denied since you never came out and saying, "I really like you!"

    So recap...

    Continue being a great friend, be flirty and show him that you'd make a girlfriend, joke about "if you were in a relationship you would...", make him consider.

    I hope this helped! Good luck!


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