What do I do about the girl I like? She likes me but she is bisexual and has a girlfriend

I met this girl online and we started to talk through txtng and after txting nonstop I ask her out three day later and she says yes but we both agreed to date when we see each other and we just talk like we are still dating and we both found out we had a lot of things in common and she told me why she liked me cause I wasn't like other guys that just want to get into her pants and run off so after a while she adds me as a friend on fb and I find out she is bisexual but I wanted her to tell me and after a while she finally told me and I told her it doesn't matter I will still love you no matter what but when she tells me she is talking to her girlfriend or mentions her name I get this strange pain in my chest that I never felt before but I don't know if shs is playing with me or she actually loves me cause after 10 days of non stop txting I told her the more and more I talk to you the more I like you and I don't know soon it will before I start to love you and I'm also having nonstop dreams about us and I don't know what that means? so we both started to say we love each other after a while and also I cried every night not knowing if she was just playing with me cause she is my first girlfriend or cause I wanted to ses her everyday but what confused me is that her girlfriend wanted to talk to me?

and I don't know what to do about telling her I'm going to move from california to new york city? I'm not used to relationships I don't know how she would react to me saying I jusg want to be friends or telling goodbye I need help!?

also should I ignore or don't text her at all will she notice?
well I was friendzoned by her she said I'm just a best friend to her and now she is confused abou me not txting her!


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  • Not trying to be a downer by saying this, but if I read it correctly...she is playing you. If she said she wants you and already has a lover, then that is a huge red flag. Lets just say she dumps her current lover for you, what if she meets someone down the road and dumps you for him/her. but if the girlfriend wants to talk to you, she might not really know what is going on and would like to get the bottom of it, if I was her I would. The way you describe her, she doesn't seem like a keeper. If your going to want to get away. be blunt and don't sugar coat. Tell her how you feel and maybe she won't play the next person in her grasps. My advice would be float on! There is more fish in the sea. Just hook the real ones next time. :) Best of luck!

    • thank you for the advice I now barely even talk to her after she said she thinks me as a best friend maybe a hi or morning no more :) or ;) or :D or.XD well.im just a friend now

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