If a guy likes a girl... (about his friends)

I keep reading on various sites that if a guy likes a girl, he will talk about her to his guy friends. So if the guy friends know about you, you know he has been talking about you. Is this true? If so, then it means they never talk about their platonic friends with guy friends? I am confused, some of these "helpful" sites just make my head hurt LOL


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  • lol. It really depends on how he talks about her... No it's not an absolute. If she's a friend or just some girl I know and she comes up in conversation, then they will likely know. That's not the same as I'm really into this girl, or I've been seeing this girl, or I've been sleeping with this girl, or whatever, or I like this girl. It's definitely not a sure sign a guy likes you. Sorry...

    • like I said, I wasn't asking for me, just out of curiousity because it seemed weird. good to know those helpful sites are sometimes not lol

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    • Haha thanks for the recap :) Very helpful. So the moral of this is never trust the "help" sites. I'll be sure to pass that along to people I know

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  • It's certainly a decent possibility, but you can't say for sure. Maybe you did something he thought of as bitchy, or had an embarrassing story to tell about you.

    • I wasn't asking because of an example lol. I was just bored and curious. It just seemed weird to me that they would only talk about girls they liked with their guy friends. I know girls will talk about guys they are just friends with with their girlfriends

    • Oh like that. Well guys have the need to talk less than girls anyway. We usually talk to our friends to convey information, not just to talk.

      So if there's something worth mentioning, we will. Otherwise we won't.

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