Hoping I'm not over analyzing-is he just being friendly?

Planning on keeping this short and sweet :)

There's this guy at my work ( we work for a company called Bws; I'm in a store and he's in a drive thru) that I'm really interested in, he is handsome, smart, easygoing most of the time but has his shy moments. The thing is sometimes I think I'm seeing signs of interest from him but then I think well maybe he's just friendly and I would like to think he feels the same lol.

Things/signs I think he likes me: he does the eyebrow flash every time, smiles at my jokes/sarcasm or whenever he sees me, he offers to help me out at the store or walk me from the store to my car at night( rough neighborhood).

Things that make me think he's just friendly or not interested: he never tries to touch me like on the arm, never invades my space, never asks questions besides "how's Uni going?" and of course he hasn't verbally hinted at going for a coffee or anything.

So my questions are, is he just being friendly? Or is he waiting for me to say/do something, like ask him out?

P.s. our work policy doesn't mention anything about it being an issue dating a co worker. And if it helps we're only 21.

- Thanks in advance for all answers :)


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  • I think he may like yo uand it's possible that he is shy. Sometimes girls have to flirt more with a guy to let him know or take charge. I think in this case that he is just shy and acting friendly. I do think he likes you and maybe he doesn't know what to do or how to make a move. Maybe you can suggest him and you hanging out like o go out to eat or a move or something like that. Even if you test him then you can take things from their.


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