Why is she doing this?

we've been broking up for a month and a couple of days first 3 weeks I went NC, then she came out the blue starting to have a convo with me but I was with it so I kept it short and simple. Lately I've been out enjoying life having fun and me and a close friend has grown close over the summer and my ex seems to get jealous when my friend calls me a nickname and goes off and just start calling my friend names. I tried to cut my ex off by blocking her off social networks but when I do a hour or so later she questions "why did you block me" its annoying I've told her I'm trying to move on but with her being very immature she gets mad and makes a scene. there's something else I notice when me and my ex has little contact she's always saying " I know ill never have you back as a boyfriend but I do love you" I just don't get it I never bring up our relationship to her at all but she's always saying this. Why is she acting like this, when she broke up with me out the blue. I'm stiring clear of my ex but when I try to she'll pop up out the blue why


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  • She obviously had a plan when she broke up with you and it back-fired. Now she wants you back as a second choice. Block every type of communication she has to you after making it clear you don't want her back. Hopefully she will move on. If it gets extreme, call the non emergency police hotline and request and court date/order saying she can't come near you for a certain amount of time. It might be considered stalking in court. >_< I know this due to an ex. It depends on where you live too. But, best of luck!


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