How to make him open up for dating?

I went for a date with a man on Friday and we were to stay for 3hours but we ended staying for 5hours. After the date he walked me home and he told me we must try and have self control and know each other well.

Later that same evening he texted me and thanked me for the date and told me he looks forward to more dates in the future.

Since then he does not call but text me. Am thoroughly in love and I need how to jump start this relationship for more dates and something more.

Please advise so that he can open up and I may get his heart.

Jaber nyarasego


Hi ,

I have this guy who told me he would love we handle the friendship with self control and maturity on our first date.Then later he texted me and told me he looks forward to more of the dates. Since then we have gone out twice and he has also invited me for a lunch with his family.

The problem I have is that this guy oflate is that this boyfriend of mine never responds to my texts? We are supposed to be having a date this week what should I do?


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  • It's still OK, don't worry. Some men have the rule: "wait several days before asking her out".

    There are girls that need some time after the first date, some don't. And it's safer to wait.

    Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow you could send him a short message and if he reacts nice (writes you back, do it nicely) you can latter write something like: "I heard that a certain movie is good", "The food there is delicious" and so on.

    Give him a hint that you would like to go out together again. If you ask you again it's a winner otherwise you should worry about it.


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  • Just initiate the next date. Ask him when he is free next and if he would like to get dinner or something.

  • well at least he is making efforts to contact and communicate with you, I would tell him you prefer communication by phone and that you would like to keep dating as well. be open.

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