How do I make him want me?

there's this guy and we've dated a couple times and now we just like to mess around. but I'm the only girl he's ever been with. I've given him a few hand jobs and I finally caved and told him I'd give him a bj. well now he doesn't seem to be pursuing me. he used to text everyday all day when I was with someone else. but now that I'm "his" he doesn't care how he treats me. how can I make him treat me like gold? call me sweet names and tell me how bad he wants me?


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  • he doesn't. you started messing around and you aren't his girlfriend so he got his benefits now.


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  • If I didn't have my great girlfriend I would want you after all those good things you did. What a bitch he's not good.

    • so do you think I should give him a taste of his own medicine and not give him what he wants? the covinient thing is that he has the house to himself all week. should I pass up the opportunity to have some fun with him because he's a bitch or should I do what I want and then not talk to him after?

    • Tell him you don't want to be with him anymore.

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  • Well, like you said ''I finally caved and told him I'd give him a bj''. Guys don't like a girl who's easy (not calling you easy) but you caved in. I mean what do you expect now? Move on!

    • what the f*** does that mean?

    • Meaning, you should've made him chase you and I'm guessing you didn't think b4 you caved. He got what wanted, not what he needed (if he wanted a serious relationship). Do you get it now?

    • Also, you sound desperate by the title "How do I make him want me?".