Guys: Do you get jealous if your girlfriend hangs out with other male friends?

If it was one-on-one even if they were just helping her study, would you get jealous? What about if it was in a group?


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  • Im not the jealous type. Is she wanted to be with him, she would have.


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  • Since marriage involves "foresaking all others", now seems like a good time to start practicing.

    • What's 'foresaking' mean?

    • It means to "renounce" or "give up". To marry is to become "as one", which is why when you see a man or woman in public without their husband or wife, people will often ask, "where's your better half?"

  • It is NOT a good sign if she's doing it alone. With a group of people, it is no big deal. A girl shouldn't put herself in a situation where she gives her guy a chance to doubt her. Hanging out alone with a male friend isn't a good idea, as we know how guys think. Even if we trust you, how can we trust him? We can't.

    • What if her mom was gonna be at the house to? Would it still bother you?

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    • I agree with you but just wondering do you feel the same if the roles are reversed?

    • I don't make a point of hanging out with my female friends alone. The only time I invite them out is when we are together as a group, as I don't trust myself enough not to make a move on them. I have some really hot female friends and yes, given the chance, I'd take them.

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