What do I do if I think I might have messed up with a guy I really like?

OK so this is long and a different kind of situation so bear with me please! OK so I went to a certain club for my friends b day and met and guy who was working there ( a club where women go for bachelorette parties etc.) Anyway he approached me and talked for min that's it, I was very attracted to him and could not stop thinking about him, so I happened to find him on a website and we became friends, so then a few days later I went to the club and saw him ( before that we had not really spoken accept to be friends on the website) So I saw him and says hey I am glad you found me I left you a message ( but I did not get it) so then we were hanging out at the club drinking and having fun and he said He was having lots of fun with me, and told me I was a cool chick and asked me for my number but I told him to give me his and he put it in my phone and said he wanted to know if maybe I wanted to go have lunch or something sometime. He called me the next day we talk for a bit he seemed interested. OK so then I waited and he texted me just a random hi text and something else about what he was doing, that's it nothing else. So I go up to the club where he works ( by the way he told me to come see him and when he was working if I wanted to) Said he was glad to see me we had fun again , he kept saying he wanted to go do something but he was drinking so I am wondering if he did. He did call 2 times to make sure I made it home OK and to tell me it was fun and so then I called hi back to tell him that I am OK and I wanted to go see him outside the clubbing talking about my friend giving her number to his friend and said he probably will not call her and he said that was not very positive wand what happened to the positive girl I know, I knew I messed up then and I made it worse by saying that 90 percent of guys never cal back and then I told him that I wanted to go do something with him outside the club and he says we will but then kept telling me all things on this schedule,;. And then we hung up and dumb me accidentally called hi back by mistake AHH! Said sorry and talk to you later and he said I'll get with you later or I think, So is it too late have I changed his mind about me already? We have not even really kissed or went out anywhere beside the club just dancing sac in there. WHAT SHOULD I do? Will he ever want to go out with me? Should I wait for him to contact me again? And how long HELP!

AH well I do not know much about ( the social medias sites) and am a very late comer to it but I think he may have possibly changed it to where I cannot commet on some photos that were posted, I am not sure though, cause they are not his actual photos just photos he shared of other people and things and I am also not able to like them, BUT the one s that were his personal already posted I still can HMM! ANy clue on that
Sorry almost forget in my first post that when we were talking I was still pretty buzzed from the night before and just starting blurting all out about how a I hasdsurgey and he asked me who was /where and when I told him about that is had been a serious thing I KNEW I SHOULD HAVE ! I told him life is short and blah blah and so despite the fact he says he was going to call me or at least I think he did I have not heard from him and I don't know why but conutine to be more and more hurt
ok journeyman1126 what do you think now! I am just got be SOL or what,


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  • You have to understand if a male stripper is into you, then he's into you. Just like any other guy. Yes, they have a ton of women throwing themselves at them. But they still choose and put their pants on one leg... what am I saying? Pants?

    So anyhow, it's kind of like you walked up to one of the hot guys in school, the week before the Sadie Hawkins dance, and he had twelve other girls asking him to the dance too.

    I'm no devil, and I'm no saint. I have educated myself a lot about relationships lately, and the principles of attraction, attraction physiology/psychology, etc. - so I can say with pretty good certainty, that if he's sensing any issues, he's got another girl in his little black book, who gave him her number, who hasn't started acting like the old lady that keeps coming in asking for a lap dance with him.

    I wasn't a stripper but I gave massages for a few months and yes, there are groupies in that field too. Masseurs have rules and regulations, much more than the strippers, but some women can be very persuasive after you've given them a great massage.

    With him, he pretty much knows what you like about him. He's bared it all to you. But he does that to hundreds or thousands of other women each week. So, on any given day he's got the prick of the litter. I mean pick.

    Now for the advice. The ball is in his court, and you need to take your mind off him. Not every woman gets asked out by a guy who's undulated in front of them like a prize stallion showing off his wares. If you're a liberated woman and are fine with dating him, treat him like any other man. Let him do the chasing.

    I never did it of course, because it was against state regulations, but if I were to have dated any of my clients, it was always the one I could barely keep my hands off of her erogenous zones with. The attractive personality, the sexy body. The kind of hard to get. Not the big tipper who kept asking for me, twice a week. Leaving me cards. Talking crazy. Blech.

    Play it cool with Mr Pickle. Be one cool cucumber. Don't be such a weenie. Be firm in your resolve.

    And get some cardio in while you wait him out. you're going to need it.

    In summary:

    *He's into you.

    *Lots of women have been into him, to the point of making asslets out of themselves. I'm coining that term and reserve all right to it, including variations: asslettes, assettes, etc. It's about time we had a female "ass" to play with, literally. Or a feminine "a**hole."

    *You've let him know the whole not giving your number to him thing was a foible. Relax. Pause. Breathe.

    *The ball is in his court.

    • UHH are you sure he is just not into the money he made off of me! it was a lot

    • OH you didn't really get that across to me.

      In that case, I'm there with you. I remember this one stripper in Denver after I got a huge payout from work...

      I was in love and so was she, becaue I blew a grand on her. Then closing time came and I inexplicably found myself talking to a very scary bouncer who reminded me of the old guy with the pencil thin mustache on Lost.

      I still get hairs standing up on the back of my neck thinking about that thousand yard stare.

      Time to move on. Closing time.

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  • Forget about him unless he contacts you about hanging out outside of the club. Only then is he sincere about wanting to go out with you!

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