What does it mean when he says he wants to keep it casual?

I have been dating this guy for two weeks. it is fun and not really physical. we are both in college. it all happened pretty fast even though we knew each other before this summer when things really started to move. we have talked about how it happened pretty quickly and both agreed to keep it where it is for a while. in that conversation, he mentioned not wanting anything too intense right now, as he had just gotten out of a relationship which is fair seeing that the breakup was relatively a while ago and that we have not been dating for that long. my question is that I asked him if he just did not want to go serious for a while or not ever with me and he said "as of now I don't see it escalating into anything too serious."

does that mean that he does not see a future with me, or that he wants to not go further? does that mean that he wants to be where we are at for a while (he told me he was happy with where we are)...should I be worried? if you are a guy- does casual dating mean that you are exclusive or is he going to be seeing other people?


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  • if you go to the trouble, of asking him about anything, why can't you actually ask him what you mean, till he gives you an answer.

    you asked, he answered, your still not clear. so why are you asking us, instead of him?