How can I attract guys my own age?

Every time a guy is attracted to me and approaches me they are younger than me.

Sometimes, I'm attracted to them too because they look to be my age... and then they say their age and I'm like WHOA! and it's an instant turn off.

Why aren't guys my age or older attracted to me or approach me?


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  • It may depend on the kind of guys you're attracted too. Try to analyze what they have in common and then ask yourself all the why?-s about you and about their type. Is it just the age look?

    • I'm attracted to tall guys who look mature! who are not younger than me! I don't approach guys because, well, I don't know why, I just don't do it. So, when a guy does approach me, it's always a younger guy... Sometimes they look as if I'm even younger than they are and cute, so, I'm like great! and then they say their age and I'm like o_o ... If they are younger than me, even if they look older and was initially attracted to them, it's a complete turn off to know they are younger.

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    • "But I'm talking about relationship wise because I'm not looking for friends. However, I'd like to find someone who I can be with." Don't expect to be able to determine that from his perceived age (looks)

    • You're not reading me correctly. I said even if I'm attracted, once I find out their AGE it's all down hill from there. Doesn't matter what they look like if they are younger than me, I'm not interested regardless of looks.

  • That is hard to say. First, you should be flattered that guys are approaching you. Where are you meeting these guys.. That may be the first thing. I have some more suggestions, but I have to know more first.

    • I am flattered. However, I'd like to meet someone who I can actually be allowed to be attracted too. Where am I meeting these guys? Well, I don't go out searching for men... Just when I'm out doing normal everyday things, work, school, shopping and even parties or clubs or even here on the internet. Though I hardly every do go clubbing or parties. So it's just unintentional natural encounters, but it's always someone way younger than me.

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    • interesting times with GLB!

    • What's GLB stand for? or what is it?

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