How well, and how long, do you have to know someone, for it not to be weird, for them to tell you, they want t

how well, and how long, do you have to know someone, for it not to be weird, for them to tell you> They want to- be with you?

For you. in your opinion.



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  • Thats a very weird question. Depends on the girl right?

    If she's like a psycho it would NEVER be not weird

    And if she's the perfect girl like nothing is wrong. I think Its best to let them know in other ways. Which make him feel comfortable in his head. Like so he can think in his head "Yeah she likes me." and then wait about 2 weeks or so.

    But you have to make it obvious so but not needy. So he doesn't find you uninterested which would lead him to go for another girl and not too needy which would make him push you away.

    • im asking u, about you. not about me.

      if you know a girl have been talking to her, spending time with her, (presumably she's not psycho if you like her company). what is the least amount of time, you would need for her to wait, before telling u, she likes u.

      (btw, imo., being needy, is bullsh*t, if you both like each other, in a similar way, then no one seems needy. they only seem needy if your not similarly interested. its best to be mature and recognize the discrepancy, rather than insulting people.)

    • AHHHHH! Okay! I'm sorry I got that confused I guess. My girl told me she wanted me on the 3rd day. We just kinda hit it off and its just perfect. But if it was any other girl I'd say 2 weeks of hanging out together. Like just being around each other, having lunch doing stuff. Is that a suitable answer?

      And psycho and needy are just words guys use to get the point across. Didn't mean it as an insult.

    • Girls say those things as well. in both cases its extremely immature& sounds really stupid. there's no point to get across, except they are not interested. in which case they can say that, instead of insulting someones character, for no reason. its like blaming someone else, for how you feel. which is retarded.

      anyways 2 weeks is a short amount of time. I was thinking months. well, thanks for answering.

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