Sent him a text mssg and didn't reply.. stupid? Please your help is needed. guys! your opinion?

At about 3 am I sent a text mssg to my.crush case I wanted to hear from him, abd wad pretty horny... But it was NOT a booty call.

anyways, he replied instantly something like "hey what's up? , going home, u? What you doing?" but I didn't reply cause all of my friends told me not to , so as to keep him wondering.. And I didn't do it cause I really didn't know what to say that wasn't just the "hey at a party".. I hate playing stupid games and I feel I made a stupid move

what do you think? Guys! What would you think in his position?

My problem is also that I don't want to look desperate, and I am afraid that he is replying just because he is too nice and I lent him some books so he is being polite because of that too.

thanks for your answers!


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  • Playing mind games on guys, although it is advertised to be effective, is a very bad idea. Because there is always a chance that the guy realizes he is being "played with". And that doesn't end well for either party involved.

    Plus, if you can't get a guy to be interested in you without referring to tricks, may be he is not meant to be interested in you. May be you are really not his type.

    Anyways, coming back to your main question:

    Texting him at 3:00 AM implies a "need". People don't really chat at 3:00 AM unless there really is a reason for them to. BUT, it is still a good thing that you texted him. This doesn't make you seem desperate. This makes you seem "interested". There is a difference.

    But not replying to his text, in my opinion, is a bad idea. First of all, it is slightly rude. Second of all, it implies hat you are "not" interested, which conflicts with texting him at 3:00 AM, leading to confusion on his side.

    If I were the guy, I'd first of all be confused about receiving one message from you at 3:00 AM and then not hearing from you again that night. Then, I would say "whatever" and just forget about your text, which would place you back at square one.

    My suggestion is that you create conversation. Don't text him too late at night if you don't want him to think you are too interested, but when you do, hold the conversation. That implies that you respect him, enough to care what he has to say. Plus, it reveals whether he is interested to talk to you as well.

    He could reply out of politeness to a few texts, but holding a conversation for a long time is a question of actual interest, rather than politeness. And to clarify, this is not a mind game. This is a "test". There is a difference.

    And even if the guy passes this test, he could be just a friend. But at least you'd know that you are not "no one" to him.

    Finally, I don't know you, or this guy, as well as you do. So you should double-think about anything you read in my answer that seems unreasonable, inapplicable, or otherwise doesn't make sense according to your own judgement.

    Anyway, good luck with your crush. =)

    • do you think I should tell him just I wanted to see you, cause he asked what I wanted that night, and I don't want to be to forward

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    • thanksssss for the great and large answer .

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  • Don't approach like playing with him. Men are designed around honesty when it comes to expressions and they do HATE such games.

  • First off guys hate being played like this,guys want a girl to be straightforward.That guy probably felt sorry he replied and might not reply next time you text him. Make an excuse as to why you didn't text back and apologize.

  • type normally and don't be anonymous


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