How can I get a chance to date this girl?

ok well I've been having my eye on this girl for a bit now (about a couple weeks). she had a boyfriend but I started talking to her today and just said "whats up" she replies "meh single". is that leaving me an opening? or what can I possibly do to get a chance to date her?


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  • Yeah that is as subtle as a brick.


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  • I wouldn't jump straight in but definitely test the water, make sure she likes you and just isn't the type that can't stay single. Might be an idea to ask her what happened.

    • she said she wasn't god enough what do I reply to that?

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    • trust me I'm gonna start off with saying that but then ill move up to letting her know she's beautiful and whatever not? sound good?

    • Sounds good, go for it.

  • Ask her out lol. If she brought that up herself then that's probably a sign.


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