Why do guys cross into creepy territory?

I've noticed that I seem to only attract creepy and weird kinds of guys. I think I am fairly attractive, but the cute guys I'd want don't approach me, instead I have weirdos (for lack of a better word) who I am too polite to be mean to stalking me and seeking me out and I don't know what to do but avoid them.

Why do some of these guys think they have a chance? Even with repeated rejection of advances by me giving one word answers or moving on with my task, they don't stop. For example: At the gym they talk to me despite me putting my headphones back in and ignoring them. WHY?


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  • The problem here is you're not flatout rejecting them. What you're doing here, is ignoring the problem and hoping it will go away. That doesn't work. Some guys are just thick. However, if you actually just told them "Sorry, I'm not really interested." or "I don't feel the same way." or anything that flatout counts as REAL rejection, they'd actually stop. But you're not doing that. You're just avoiding and ignoring. Try the truth. It's not mean. Just reject them outright. Hints just don't work on guys. Be honest. Actually SAY to them that you're not interested. You'll get a lot more success. You might break a couple hearts, but they'll get it, and even more, they're more likely to move on and stop bothering you.

    You have your answer.


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  • Your logic is flawed.

    This is a situation where the opposing subject is not necessarily the source of the conflict of interest.

    A man is charming until you deem him "creepy".

    A girl is adventurous until someone calls her "slutty".

    You can be witty until someone calls you a "smartass".

    A man can be persistent until a girl names him a "stalker".

    Let's be real. Two different guys can give you the same kind of attention and get completely different results.

    So why treat the actions of the lesser preferred as if they're crimes against humanity?

  • Oh, that's easy... ::creepy music rises in the background, lightning flashes across the backdrop, and tin-shaker thunder claps backstage.::

    WE'RE ALL CREEEPS! Muuuuahhahahahahaaaahh ha. aahhahhaaa.. aaah...

    Socially, women stay on the up-trend by weeding out the weirdo's. That can be done by scent, by his skin being stinky one day, or greasy... All hallmarks of serial killers. Or some douchebag who isn't even really interested in you puts a bug about the guy you're thinking of in your ear, tells you he has three families spread out over the US...

    I've never even been to Idaho! I have no idea what your friend is talking about.

    Seriously, I'm not being serious today. I get bored easy, and this is kind of like when I waited tables and chose a different accent and background story each shift. Or snuck in a few "meows".

    I've been the weirdo to gently let a girl down, by making her run away. Called her three times in one day. Wrote a poem about us hanging out and left it in sight of a douchebag. A trip to the bathroom, and suddenly she has no crush. Most of the time. That one can backfire.

    There's the approach of asking all her friends what she thinks of you, in a desperate tone, within an hour of one another. We can go on, and on, and on.

    True, there are some genuine weirdo's out there. But everyone who knows them thinks they're a weirdo. Not just the people in your class, or the people in your town, for that matter. See above about multiple families. Men can have a few lives going on. Seriously, no joking, not me, though. My life is multifaceted enough as it is.

    Much better way of saying complicated, huh?

    Personally, I have an incredibly small number of close friends and family that are spread out all over the country. I go into places sometimes and think, "F*** this whole town. I don't want to know any of them. If I know my strategy doesn't call for me being there the rest of my days, why make friends? Floridians taught me that. They ignore the tumble-weeds. I ignore the town.

    Back to you. As for the guys at the gym: they're clueless. Probably never been in a gym, or never leave it. This makes them think the gym is a place to pick up women. I don't know many women who accept pickup lines while sweating and grinding to their own music, unless they're dancing around a pole.

    That's what headphones are for, since the shoulder boom-box gave way to the cassette Walkman: to make your family, friends, and especially strangers leave you the hell alone.

    I'm really wordy in print. So this is an ironic question - do you know people who will not shut up, until you walk away or tell them to be quiet? No secret here, but they are all used to being walked away from or asked to be quiet.

    Creepy nervous desperate men are used to being ignored. If it weren't for repeated exposure to rejection, they would have no contact with women. Do what you gotta do. Never encourage the zombies. And remember rule #1: cardio.

    • haha I love you!

    • And I love you too. Especially when you wear the pj's you had on this morning. Did you get those bunny slippers I sent?

      btw if you get a pair them, it wasn't me, I'm totally joking. You have to cover your ass these days. haha

    • lmao.

  • Why do they think they have a chance? Well, people are entitled to try and some people give up sooner than others. When I was younger (high school) this girl tried to talk to me many MANY times and I would always be rude to her. She was cute but I guess I didn't know how to react. She didn't have to deal with my rudeness but she did and kept trying and after a while, she gave up and I always wondered what would've happened. Its just human nature, we are stubborn.

  • "I've noticed that I seem to only attract creepy and weird kinds of guys." - Unless my observations have led me to a false conclusion (which they rarely do), the majority of guys who bother approaching girls these days are the guys girls tend to deem "creepy".

    • No, I don't think so. It's just that some guys tend to just have this vibe and complete ridiculous approach in which they stalk someone and won't take their eyes off them or stop trying to talk to them and that can get a bit creepy and invasive if you're trying to go about your day.

    • I really, really do think so.

  • Because guys don't always take those subtle hints. You don't approach men so How can you complain about not getting the guy you want?

  • Why do girls cross into the arrogant territory?

  • Imo...i truly TRULY sincerely deep down believe that if you found these guys attractive (physically as well as approach / personality)...


    ...you would say that they were "cute" or "charming".

    Or at the very least, NOT tag them with the "creep" label.


    You're not alone; a handsome (to your standards) guy, and a below-average guy (to your standards) can be bold and direct with their approach, and you'd call one "bold/confident" and the other "creepy/strange".

  • lol weirdos you mean they could have an awesome personality and awesome sense of humor but they look weird right? lol beauty fades, persona lasts forever. you'll find your super hot boyfriend f*** the crap out of each other but hell be dumber than a post. I guess looks matter more than anything else.

    • no I mean guys who won't leave me alone despite me not being interested.. I didn't know I had to give every guy on this planet who approaches me a chance and date him? :(

  • a lot of guys are never aware they are being creepy

  • They were born unattractive to you, so that's how they cross into that creepy territory so easily.

    • No, they cross into the creepy territory because they STALK me.

    • I strongly agree.

      It's hard for me to believe she would think those guys are "creepy" had the EXACT same behaviors been acted out by someone who looked exactly like Johnny Depp.

    • Exactly. It's so hard to believe them when they are doing this to regular, normal guys that they happen to not be into.

  • Another girl who believes she's only so attractive that she should have hot guys hit on her. When average guys hit on her, she's insulted. It is your attitude that needs changing, not to mention you're not as hot as you think if hot guys aren't coming up to you. Fix your mindset by stop labeling average guys as "creepy" and you'll be on your way to actually enjoying a relationship.

    • Where in my post did I say I want only hot guys hitting on me? You are blowing things out of proportion and taking out your bitterness of being an "average guy" out on someone you don't even know. I'm talking about creepy men old enough to be my father and obese men and creepy stare at you and follow your every move guys. Those are NOT average.

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    • guys on the uglier side... lol. I can't explain it but trust me, my standards aren't high, even if it came across that way in the question.

    • Lol, your wording is terrible then. So you like ugly guys, or guys that other girls consider ugly? Interesting.

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