Would this last or not?

my girlfriend and i, have been in a relationship for 2 months now, and in asked, how does she feel about our relationship, and she answered ''before I honestly lost feelings but then I thought what would happened if I lost you and I was like I really don't wanna lose you. But I don't wanna fall to hard cause if been down that road and it NEVER ends well. If I'm sorry if not lovey dovey so much it's cause that how I develops more feelings when the time we took Kaitlyn to school'' ( a friend of ours in summer school) ''and we were kissing and I was Really happy and was developing feelings and I was like I'm not going through what I went through with my ex..'' ( I don't know what happened, she prefers not to talk about it) ''But I do wanna be with you :)'' and she says that she doesn't get jealous, and that she only got jealous for one guy, so I feel like I'm not good enough to make her jealous... what should I do?


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  • She basically said she is trying not to fall in love with you. So no, it won't last.