Guy gets mad at me for not texting him; is he playing games or serious?

and why would a guy get mad at a girl for not texting him?

we have been talking and going on dates together but nothing serious for a few months already. we talk almost every day.

a few days ago we were talking and I actually texted him first but I didn't respond to his last text which wasn't a question, and I was pissed off at him so I said I am not texting him again for a while. I knew he was with relatives this weekend and this morning he texted me all "WTF" saying that I haven't texted him in a few days, that he must not be in my mind.

but, he could have texted me too!

he has pulled this thing a few times..most days he would text me first but then there would be a day when he didn't and I didn't text him so the next day he would ask why I didn't text him or tell me that I put all the work on him.

so I started to initiate text conversations sometimes too and he would still initiate many others or keep continuing mine for days.

i do text him sometimes now, at first I pretty much never did.

so why is he acting like this? is he just a jerk who is messing with my head? but why does he want my attention so badly?


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  • Well was he simply saying that or over reacting? I don't think acting annoyed or impatient is going to lure anyone in but the strange and unsocialized so he probably does feel that way. However if he keeps this up l wouldn't hang around much longer. It could mean trouble.

  • Well if you never initiate any texts it will make him feel like you don't care. Sounds like a bunch of drama to me I dunno.

    • i do initiate texts but if I'm doing all the work it's not good either.

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